Mid Winter Luxury at Whakaipo Lodge - Fun, feasts and frivolity

The trees have lost their summer greenery and  turned past gold and red to lay bare their lichen clad branches and become remnants of another season gone by. Green grass has given way to sphagnum moss and the garden has given up its colour - well mostly - and rests. Its a time for some of the mundane jobs. Dead heading and pruning of perennials and roses ready for spring along with looking after our stock to help them through the cold of winter. The sheep actually love it, with their built in woolly coats designed by nature to deal with the rain and cold of the hill country.

Snow on the hills at Whakaipo Lodge this winter
Autumn remnants linger

Cold rainy days can provide a respite from the hard work of play. Nothing more relaxing than time in front of the log fire with hot tea, coffee, or something stronger to cheer the heart.  While a good book can keep one company there are the games that family groups can play. Cards and board games, all part of an experience creating happy memories to last a lifetime.

Then the weather breaks and there a just too many options. Visiting our Tongariro National Park for a walk or skiing, biking our fantastic wilderness trails for real adventure, or just cruising the town trails and visiting a gallery, cafe or two on the journey. The mountain biking in Taupo provides year round fun with pumice trails delivering good riding conditions in all but the very worst weather. 

Whakapapa Village - Tongariro National Park
Whakapapa Ski Area - Tongariro National Park

Why not finish off with some of the fantastic local food that we serve at Whakaipo Lodge? We really do endeavour to showcase the "best of New Zealand" with favourites such as local leg of lamb, butterflied naturally and treated with local herbs. Then there is salmon or eye fillet beef, all accompanied by lodge grown vegetables and carefully selected local produce. There may even be some trout served as part of our complimentary canapes. You cannot buy trout in New Zealand. it is strictly a game fish and can only be gifted or you may have even been lucky enough to catch your own with one of the world class guides that work for Whakaipo Lodge! Then, of course, don't forget the fine New Zealand wine and the great Kiwi hospitality of your hosts Garth and Angie. You may even get to sample Whakaipo Lodge Damson Gin while you finish with some of Angie's hand-made chocolates truffles. Yum! An experience we hope that you'll take with you forever!

 Dinner at the Whakaipo Lodge long table

Posted by Whakaipo Lodge on July 14, 2016